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ИП Деточка Яна Сергеевна

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The GLOBAL Technologies group, an expert in engineering, deployment of IT, and telecom infrastructure projects
is an international player in the implementation of technological information systems for key accounts in industrial, telecoms, services as well as defense sector.

The Telecom & Infrastructure Business Unit is dedicated to GLOBAL Technologies international projects. Over the past 10 years we have developed a unique expertise in providing our customers with best-in-class solutions in 4 key areas:

Recruitment, Staffing & Consulting Services Telecom & IT Solutions | Security Solutions | SATCOM Solutions

GLOBAL Technologies operates within 3 main sectors:

  • International Organizations: the United Nations, the NATO, the European Union and European Organizations, the World Bank, the African Development Bank…
  • Defense: Thales, Airbus, SAIC, Governmental Organizations…
  • Telecom: Operators, Vendors, Governmental Organizations, Regulatory Authorities…

GLOBAL Technologies is an International full-service Technology Company specialized in designing, installing, operating and maintaining critical technical infrastructure and systems.

We work for companies and organizations in environments where service continuity is vital to operational success such as Defense, Telecom and Governmental & International Organizations. With a long standing experience, a dedicated team and technical expertise, GLOBAL Technologies delivers a full range of services to enhance customer capabilities for remote operations and industrialized projects worldwide.

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